Adult and Teen Challenge

Pacific northwest

Our program is a faith-based, one-year,
residential discipleship program with the purpose to
restore hope to those who suffer from addiction as well

as other life-controlling issues.


We help people become mentally sound, emotionally
balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually
Our Bible-based program allows us to present numerous
topics that expose, challenge, and direct men and women out of

their addictions and into their recovery.


Adult & Teen Challenge focuses on establishing or
restoring a student’s relationship with Jesus Christ, in
order that the student break the chains of bondage from
addiction to drugs, alcohol, or other life-controlling issues.


Drugs of Choice: Cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine,

marijuana, and prescription drugs


High percentages of Native Alaskans struggle with alcohol and Marijuana addiction


34% of all crimes involve drug and/or alcohol abuse

60% of violent crimes involve drug and/or alcohol abuse


Alaska ranks first among the 50 states in marijuana use

(21% of high school students admit to using marijuana)


Alaska ranks in the top 10 in many measured categories
studied in the National Survey of Drug Use and Health

12% of all residents in Alaska reported illicit drug use (the 
national average is 8%)


33% of all motorized fatalities in Alaska involved drug use

Ranked number one among the 50 states in suicide rate


(Sources: SAMSHA,, 2011 State Trooper Report)


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